Wednesday, November 3, 2010

LBCC and Halloween!

So how was your weekend guys? Please comment below and let me know! 

So this weekend for us here at Studio-407 was crazy due to all that would be happening. The Long Beach Comic Con (next to the gorgeous ocean) took place at the same time as a ZomBcon (sadly, we have no time-turner and could only be at one place at once). But if you guys can go the next year, please do!  A shout out to Brian Walton and Jonathan London of Geekscape who started the first real big ZomBcon. 

There was also a fundraiser for Hero Initiative (a non-profit organization that supports comic book artists and writers.) and also Sunday night (Halloween!) was the highly anticipated Walking Dead series premiere on AMC. (Support comic book turns films and tv shows!) 

Zombies and vampires are extremely popular with obvious reasons. Zombies (not just for their gore and horrific faces) can symbolize any sort of negative element in our life. While vampires, long before their sparkly days,  was the reflection of the human soul, the part of us that was fascinated with darkness, lust, mystery, immortality, and mythology. 

You can find zombie and vampire themed books, t shirts, mugs, merchandise anywhere, including here, at the lovely Studio-407 website

The main problem that many of us find is that any sort of vampire or zombie story has already "been done before". But Studio-407 was commended by various readers and review sites as having to have written a vampire and zombie story that is unique and not been touched upon by other publishers. 

Check them out for yourself and tell us what you think! 

Night Projectionist 

Night & Fog 

 Like what you guys have seen so far? 

Night Projectionist is available by asking your friendly local retailer or going to comixology

Night & Fog is available at your local comic shop, comixology, and Amazon!

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