Thursday, February 5, 2009

Smuggling Spirits and the Spice of Life

The best thing about working for Studio 407 is the variety. Everyday, the Big Pencil and Lord Galactitron find new and exciting ways to make our jobs a thrill. For example, you never know what color lunch will be. Some days, it's baby-poop brown slop. Other days, it's dog-vomit green slop. And once or twice a week, the Big Pencil makes a big show of sprinkling Crystal Light into the vat of luke-warm water we drink from. Will it be Raspberry Peach or Tangerine Surprise? We never know until it happens!

Friday is a thrill because it's casual day, which means Lord Galactitron undoes our shackles and lets us walk the yard for a full fifteen minutes. Sweet freedom! 

And Saturdays are best of all because it's Knight Rider day! Of course, we're not allowed tocactually watch television because the Big Pencil says it'll steal our souls, but he did have one of the artists make flipbooks of a couple episodes. Will we flip through "Knightmares" or "K.I.T.T. vs. K.A.R.R."? Who knows!

Speaking of variety, I wanted to tell you about a new graphic novel Studio 407 has in Previews this month. By now, you're probably used to our special brand of high-octane, glossy, full-color sci fi and horror. Well, now for something completely different.

It's called Smuggling Spirits, a moody, atmospheric ditty written by Ben Fisher and drawn up in Sin City-style stark black and white by Mike Henderson. Ain't it Cool News calls it "Road to Perdition with monsters." Here's how Studio 407 describes it:
Chilling! It's cool, smart and chicks dig it, or at least that's what I'm told. I haven't seen a woman in a while, given Lord Galactitron keeps all the foxy interns in a separate cage.