Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Comixology dreaming

Yes, I know that the title of today's post is a play of a famous Mamas and Papas oldies song. =) 

I just woke up from  the most curious dream to type this. Earlier in the afternoon, I was having a migraine. I don't deal well with migraines and have absolutely no idea/admiration for those who can work through an entire day (amongst the busy office, ringing of phones, loud talking of people) and still manage to get their work done without stabbing a person in the eye with a pencil. (thanks SDCC of 2010!)

As someone who rarely suffers from headaches, this was a setback. Drinking plenty of water and napping  usually cures me so that's exactly what I did. Most of the time, I just sleep, wake up and then go about my business, or sometimes I have a dream then wake up and totally forget about it a few minutes later. 

But this one, was totally different. 

I was stuck IN comixology. Much like.....Kevin Flynn in TRON.  I had the same suit (but female version) of Sam Flynn's but instead of holding an identity disc, I had a round shaped comic in my hand. All around me, large (Phantom Zone-like) shaped comics were flying around my head.  

There was no way out of this virtual world other than through "games" to survive. So basically, picture TRON, but with a comic book theme. 

I was completely terrified and confused and then I startled awake about 20 minutes earlier than the alarm time I had set. 

 I got up to to go sit on my couch (where I'm typing now) to think about my dream, I realized two things of why my subconscious /dream world decided to mess with me: 

1) Today is Wednesday! Therefore: Comic Book Day.  And earlier in the the week, I had received an email message about when Studio-407's titles will be released on comixology.

2) Tomorrow night I will be going to a special preview screening (invited by a friend) to California Adventureland's elecTRONica. Basically, it's Disneyland and California Adventure all TRON themed out. There are preview pictures of it on google already and I am very excited. This is a limited time engagement only and will be for promotion of the new TRON: Legacy movie that comes out this December 17th! I think for a few months.  I have been waiting for tomorrow night for weeks! 

Now, it makes total sense to me about my dream, which I also hope will never, never, never happen. I don't know if I could survive that virtual world. But I do know that I can survive in the real world long enough because I love my comics, and Studio-407 will be releasing new comics every week!!! ( Some are already out) Go HERE!

Night Projectionist #1

Night Projectionist #2

Smuggling Spirits #2

Smuggling Spirits #3

Smuggling Spirits #4

Havoc Brigade #1

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