Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Welcome to the Studio 407 blog...

If you're here, I'm sure you've already been to the Studio 407 website, poked around, and presumably liked what you saw. The first issue of our first book, Tiger & Crane, comes out next week on Feb. 27, so we're pretty excited around here, and just a little scared. You see, we're pretty much all learning this comic book publishing business as we go along, and a big reason for the blog is to bring readers in on the ground floor, to share with everyone the trials and tribulations of getting a company like this off the ground, getting books in stores, and--hopefully!--getting the books into the hands of readers.

Instead of waiting till each cover is finalized, we'll share rough cover designs with you, including rejected ones. We'll put up art from comics in progress, both finished and unfinished. We'll post script pages. Writers of the various books will chime in with insight into their processes, and artists will share sketches. Those writers and artists will also probably vent a little about the weight of marketing their own books, and learning how to do so on the fly. Yes, it's true: we don't have a marketing staff... yet. We're doing it ourselves, so as we go, we'll share our failures as well as our successes, our mistakes as well as our... Is there an opposite of mistake? See? We're still learning! Stick around for the ride.