Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What is your passion?

This weekend was a great reminder of what brings joy in my life and what my passion is. I had great plans to do alot of work (which of course involves movies and comics, therefore making me very happy). But on Friday I had a family related incident which involved an entire weekend sacrificed at the ER following a frantic 911 call.

I barely slept 2 hours a day for 5 days straight. With that, included barely eating. As I saw my immediate family member in such a fragile and critical state, I felt great sadness. And of course, it is a cliche that we hear that during moments of great trauma, we come to realize what important things in life  are or even, have them reinforced. 

To pass the time and to get my mind off of the current situation, I turned to my new smartphone for such distraction. Like muscle memory, I started checking up on comic book news, graphic novel sites.  fansites with updates on Smallville, and wanting to see something familiar, I went to Studio-407's website. 

As I took a quick vision break (I don't want to stare at an electronic device too long, my eyesight is bad enough!) I realized that I felt happier and a bit better, even if it would be for a short amount of time. I knew that my calming center in my life are comic books. 

Obviously, if you are reading this, following us on twitter, being our Facebook friend and/or coming to see us at conventions, you already are a fan of comics. Like me, comics is a passion in our life, whether it is a career or simply a hobby,  it is the interest in it it that brings a beam of shining light into our lives and a smile to our face.

I once tried everything I could to stop a friend from ending his life, when nothing could talk him out of it, I said the only thing that was left in my brain. Out of desperation I blurted: "If you end your life now, how will you know what happens in the Spiderman One More Day arc next Wednesday?" 

Although trivial to some, this was a defining moment for him. And to this day, he keeps reading. Literally, Wednesday is Comic Book Day and it "saves" us in different ways. 

Whether it is just an interest or a deep love, pop culture is something that resonates in us, and people of all ages, gender and race will and have experienced it. 

Coca Cola is one of those examples and I fully believe Studio-407 will also be another one day.

As we gear up to bring you guys more of our wonderful books and products, keep in mind that comics is something that unites us to go to conventions and call ourselves nerds, but also a passion in our life that fuels us. 

Other than comics, what else is your passion that fuels you? Leave your comments below! I want to read them. 

And with that, I end this post with some of our great titles that are here/will be coming. May they fuel that love for pop-culture in all of you! Have a great and safe night! 

 Night & Fog ( November 17, 2010 TPB Volume 1) Amazon, Comixology and your friendly neighborhood comic book store!


The Spark


Night Projectionist

Smuggling Spirits

Forgotten 22

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