Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Change is coming!

As we all know the key to survival or success  is accepting change or at least, adapting to it. I'm not saying to sell out and just go with the flow or stubbornly believing that staying the same which "worked fine before" will make one's life or concept better. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.  Unique business plans have always been a recurring key element in success in Fortune 500 companies.

Take myself for example, I lived with a regular non-smart phone for the past 5 years. Before, that was great, but now, as my life becomes more busy and I depend on the internet for day to day needs, I've come to realize that I cannot survive without a smartphone much longer. 

So after saving up some money and doing many months of careful research, I finally got the Droid X yesterday! In less than a day, I have noticed an increase of my efficiency. However with that, comes the fact that I am a total slop when typing on that virtual keyboard. I have  skinny little fingers but for whatever reason, I always end up typing a sentence that could be an alien language. But to accept change,  I have to learn to adapt by spending 30 minutes of my day typing notes to myself as practice in order to get to know my Droid X. I see this as a life long "skillset" that will help me in both my personal life and my business life.  Ah, I have embraced change. 

Basically, change is inevitable. Which leads to two exciting news for all you who read this blog. Blogging about Studio-407 every week from now on can only lead to so many topics such as our new products, our signings, what conventions that we'll be hitting up and etc. After awhile, I know that you readers will want to see something new. 

I was thinking about putting up interviews with authors, artists, up and coming founders of new companies etc.   Videos and podcasts are other ideas that have been floating around in my head. Please, comment below with suggestions! ( I know you guys read this and rarely comment! So step up and don't be shy!) 

The other change is what Studio-407 is bringing to the world of comics. When saying the word comic books, most people will think of superheroes.  But lately, with the success with Walking Dead ( which is now an AMC show that I'm very stoked about), Chew, 100 Bullets, Y the Last Man, Scott Pilgrim ( still sad that movie made so little) etc, people are beginning to see a change on their personal bookshelves at home. I see it myself actually. I grew up collecting all kinds of comics, but let's be honest here, mostly superheroes. But with an increase interest in Archaia's Mouseguard and aforementioned titles, people are in urge to try something new. And for those who are not down with change will eventually find themselves checking out several titles of non-superhero comics after hearing everyone talk about it. 

NIght & Fog is hitting shelves November 17th and will bring a change to not only your local comic book stores shelves but also on your own shelves. As stated in way earlier posts, it has been adapted to a movie and also combines four of the Gothic classic elements: Frankenstein, Dracula, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and Invisible Man. Many publishers have done graphic novel versions of each individual title and/or did retelling of the story set in various eras, but only Studio-407 to date, have combined all four of the elements and made a graphic novel that is completely new. 

The Night & Fog trade paperback can be yours by bugging your friendly local comic book store, ordering through Amazon or comixology

Keep on collecting those superhero comics and expanding your shelves with many other non-superhero titles. Studio-407 will be expanding on comic book shelves soon everywhere. Don't say that you weren't notified! 

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