Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Thursday comes comics!

Hey ya'll!

How was your Labor Day weekend? Now that we've all re-cooperated from it, our heads are now clear enough to remember that Thursday is Comic Book Day!

I don't know what's on your pull list but mines include a something from each comic book company out there,  including Studio-407. But I know that alot of you guys have iPhones and iPads and so many of you guys are familiar with Comixology. If you guys aren't,  you can create pull lists on there of the comics that you want and then be able to bring it with you everywhere you go on your tech! Pull one of our comics and I guarantee that you won't be disappointed!

Along with not only giving you guys the simplicity of Comixology, here is also the FREEBIE of the day! Remember, these are exclusive and many of the wallpapers are already taken down, so right and click and save while you can!

I freaking LOVE this one, the color scheme and design is amazing. And not your average wallpaper.

Come and be a friend with us on twitter and facebook! And tell all of your friends too! And while you are pull-listing our titles on comixology,  let us know what you guys think of our titles!!!

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