Friday, September 3, 2010

It's Labor Day Weekend!

Wow! It's already Friday and that means that the long weekend has begun! I want to hear what you guys plan on doing this weekend!

What am I doing you ask? Before, I would be spending my Friday nights with John (Connor) and/or Clark Kent (via Smallville) but lately, I would be at a show called Comics and Comics where comedians talk about pop culture. And as a geek, my Friday night is complete because I feel surrounded by people that understand my nerdiness.

What about my friends?  Many of my friends have the gift of gaming. and are spending their Friday nights with friends decapitating zombies, being a female elf, or shooting prostitutes. I wish I had that skill of gaming, I love videogames but I'm not really good at it. But I do understand for those that play their games on their PC and every once in a while they will take a break and then just stare vacantly at their computer screens.

They wouldn't be staring vacantly if they had more vivid wallpapers and screensavers! Studio-407 is here to save them from staring vacantly. For we have FREE exclusive wallpapers that will bring more color to your screen! And for all of you guys who are so devoted and reading this blog on a Friday night,  this wallpaper is a reward for you too!   Scroll down to DOWNLOADS, click, and select Studio 407 from the drop down menu

So here you guys go!

Well, I'm off to start my long weekend and celebrate Labor Day!

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