Thursday, September 2, 2010

One month away from the movie Let Me In

Vampires are THE trend right now. Well,  zombies first and now vampires. Although vampires have always been part of literature,  it wasn't until Twilight that really got the world in a tizzy. Now, no matter what form of entertainment I'm sucked into at the moment, I see something about vampires ( and werewolves!). Turning on the t.v., I happen to watch a few moments of Vampire Diaries. And in England, they are watching Being Human, a show about a ghost, a vampire and a werewolf that try to be normal citizens in Bristol. Recently,  SyFy has gotten the rights to make our American version of that show.

Then there is the new summer hit,  The Gates, about a suburban community, much like Wisteria Lane, whose residents aren't who they seem. From witches,  to werewolves to vampires,  this show is quite the talk of this summer. 

Then there's Tru Blood. Enough said. 

And vampires in film? You already know that answer to that. 

In books, more and more female authors are churning out stories about star-crossed lovers,  a vampire always being involved and somehow an innocent human and among a few other supernatural beings. Females of all ages are buying those books up like kids at a candy festival. 

But I hear the outcry of people who have loved vampire folklore and mythology years before Stephanie Meyer wrote the Twilight Saga. They miss how vampires used to be portrayed. Or rather, should be portrayed. 

For those of you out there who love vampires and are the people that I just described, fear not! Studio-407 understands how vampires should be written. So we put together an awesome graphic novel that all of you guys should read: The Night Projectionist

I won't spoil what it's about (also because you can scroll down and read my earlier blog entries), but Fangoria and Aint it Cool News gave the most amazing reviews. So if they took the time to check it out, you should too!

And here along with the link to the site, is our exclusive FREEBIE of the day! 

Night Projectionist wallpaper!

You guys know the drill: Click, right click to save and then set as wallpaper!

800 x 600 

1024 x 768 
1280 x 1024

Let me know what you guys think about The Night Projectionist! Leave comments below!! =D 

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