Thursday, September 2, 2010

Wednesday has passed!

I DID say that I will be blogging everyday ( or an equal of 7 days of blog entries =P ) so I will stick to that! Look for another update today! 

I want to hear what you guys have to say about Diamond's announcement that starting next year, there will no longer be a delay in shipping comics when there has been a holiday! Instead,  Diamond will be delivering comics to the stores on Tuesdays now to give a leeway/buffer time for holidays. 

I am so freaking excited about this news! As blogged about earlier, this coming weekend is Labor Day, so comics won't be in until Thursday next week instead of our usual Wednesday. I usually get so bummed whenever I forget that the comics will be coming in on a Thursday instead and I have trekked all the way to my local comic book store with a happy heart. 

What did you guys pull today for your comics? I want to know so please comment below. 

I really love this new freebie that we are giving out and remember,  get them while you can! I like the brilliant yellow color and it brightens up on my laptop! Remember, these will only be up for a limited time. 

Just click, then right click and save! Presto! A brand new beautiful background for your eyes. 


I love this new wallpaper so much that I think I'm gonna make it my background right now! Hurry! You should too! 

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