Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wednesday is Comic Book Day!

By the time you are reading this two things would have happened:

Either you just got back home from work or you just picked up your comics from your local friendly comic book store. If you didn't pick up any of your comics yet and are waiting for the weekend, have no fear, Studio-407 is here to tie you over until that day when you do.

Night & Fog is making some splash for those who didn't know. This article ( among many other sweet ones) is pure evidence

Can't get enough horror? Night & Fog is just one of the few horror titles that Studio-407 publishes. 

The Night Projectionist

Forgotten 22



Our fiction titles include Smuggling Spirits for those who are fans of Frank Miller and Sin City.

Know someone who is a newbie into comics? The Spark is perfect for all those starting to get into comics and old collectors alike! 

I know that you guys are wondering where to get our wonderful titles. Well you're in luck! Our titles are available on the iPad/iPhone, Amazon and your local comic book store! Visit our homepage for links and much more awesome stuff!

Happy Comic Book Day!


Sam said...

Cool! when is The Spark coming out?

Jessica The Comic Book Girl said...

Hi Sam!

January 16. 2011. Seems like a long time to wait but time flies by fast! And it will be worth it. =)

Meanwhile, Studio-407 has tons of goodies coming up ( free ones too!) that will tie your heart over until January! Check back on our twitter, blog, website, and facebook!

Your profile showed your wish list on Amazon ( we also have books on there!) and your website. I wanted to say that you have a awesome titles on your wish list ( such as Whatever happened to the Caped Crusader, Scott McCloud, the art of ponyo etc.)

I also like the layout of your website! Cool photos!