Monday, August 16, 2010

It's a typical Monday night....

And that can only mean great two things

1.) The day that everyone dreads (due it being the beginning of a work week) is almost over

but more importantly

2.) One day down and one more day to go before it's Wednesday. That hump day of the week is better known as "Comic Book Day" ( as I, Jessica, have lovingly nicknamed it) because new comics are released at stores nationwide and become available online.

So I know that you guys have two very awesome questions floating through your head right now.

A) Who is this Jessica?


B) What comics are available from Studio-407 for us comic book lovers to read?

To reminiscence about the past where, as kids, proudly celebrated "backwards day", I will answer B first than move on to A.

Studio-407 is a company that boasts 35 amazing titles ( please check our website frequently to see more titles being added!) and many of which, are available on the ipad, iphone and in print! 

Now there there is something for everyone, so no more excuses for those who can't find something that they would like to get sucked into!

Night and Fog takes place on the small island of Cape Sable off the coast of Novia Scotia, where it shares a Canadian Army Reserve Base. Unbeknown to the villagers, the reserve base is actually a front for the U.S. military black ops bioengineering testing facility. As scientists proceed in perfecting a super-soldier serum, a freak accident occurs, causing the serum to be released into the air and becoming a dense fog. The horror dawns on the people of Cape Sable as they realize the fog has a mind of it's own. It transforms all those in contact with it into terrifying creatures that represent every word of Darwin's famous coined phrase "survival of the fittest". For all you who love classic stories like Bram Stoker's Dracula, Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, and Robert Louis Stevenson's Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde,  you will not be disappointed with this thrilling horror title that allows the readers to struggle along with the survivors of the little village. Be there as the survivors discover that the creatures become more horrifying and unstoppable with every moment that passes.

Night and Fog's first 17 pages are already online. Stay tuned this Wednesday for more pages to come and if you really can't wait, Night and Fog is available online to purchase!

Love vampires? Who doesn't! The Night Projectionist will restore your faith in Gothic horror where vampires terrified us late into the the night. After a mysterious disease plagues the city of Kisilova, Hungary in 1707, a superstitious priest and his townsfolk exhume the body of Theodore Burak and his last heir Carmilla and burn them.  But things go wrong as it leads to the destruction of the town and one of their own betrays them. Meanwhile in the present time, the city of Crosstown Falls hosts a Dracula-thon film festival. As horror loving moviegoers gather in the theater, vampires descend. They barricade themselves inside and struggle to survive from the bloodthirsty creatures outside only to discover that their night projectionist is also a vampire and the man who betrayed the townspeople of Kisilova is among them....

An amazing 51 pages of The Night Projectionist are available on our website right now! Now aren't we nice?

And one last goodie to end your Monday night. Western theme+ monsters+the devil himself = The Forgotten 22.

I know that your heads are spinning from all the wonderful comic storylines introduced to you, but before we end the night, let me answer question A. I'm Jessica, and I will be the one bringing you guys more Studio-407 updates, news, goodies,  FREE STUFF and contests. I am pleased to be marketing such a great company whose potential I know that you guys are realizing from the titles alone, are endless.

Blog posts will be updated every Monday, Wednesday and Friday so check back frequently! Visit our homepage and register to be part of our mailing list on the upper right hand corner. I know that none of you guys will want to miss out on all the amazing things Studio-407 will be introducing to the world.

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Have a great night and may it be filled with vampires and other creatures.

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