Friday, August 20, 2010

I spend my Friday nights with John

Connor that is. Well I used to. Man, I miss that show, Terminator the Sarah Connor Chronicles. I was so sad that Fox canceled it. But the good news is that there is a direct to dvd movie coming out. At least, Brian Austin Green ( Mr. Megan Fox) who played Uncle Derek, said recently at a Sci-Fi convention.

There are more and more sci-fi movies than I have ever seen and not only that, alot of books and comics turned into movies. And speaking of movies, today is movie day! ( With the exception of the Star Wars movies that came out on Thursdays and some blockbusters that start on Wednesdays) Friday is often known as the start of opening weekend for new releases.

If you guys haven't already, from all the titles on our site, which ones would you want to see make it to the big screen one day? Who would you guys cast? I'm so curious to know what all of you guys are thinking! Leave comments below!!! I look forward to reading them!

Have a safe and wonderful weekend. And go watch a movie!

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