Monday, August 23, 2010

Blergh! It's a Monday!

And for many of you, it's another day where it marks the beginning of a work week. I hope that your Monday went better than mine! I had to suffer in a massive heatwave with no air conditioning AND * dramatic drum roll* NO INTERNET! I was cut off from the world!

But alas! It is all fixed now and I am happily sitting here typing to all of you wonderful people in the cool night of Los Angeles.

The night isn't over yet! I am here to give you guys a  happy FREEBIE! Yes, you read it right: FREEBIE! 

For all of you guys who don't know Comixology it is a wonderful site! And if you don't know what it is, I highly recommend you to scurry on over and click the link above. Check it out!

I am addicted to Comixology like kids to candy. You can create pull lists, check out what retailers have to offer, previews, reviews, podcasts, forums for us geeks to talk about what we love the most, updated news, and for all those iPad and iPhone users, you guys can get comics on your beloved devices too!

So speaking about the iPad and the iPhone, our FREEBIE of the day is Night & Fog #1 !!! And don't worry if you don't have an iPad or iPhone, you can still view it!

The Night & Fog that we showed off a couple of days ago was in black and white, but here we are in glorious color!

Looking for more Studio-407 stuff on Comixology? Search no more! Here is the awesome link:

Perfect ending to a Monday night. This will hold you guys over until Wednesday where there will be more of my ramblings about comics, Studio-407 and maybe some more free stuff!

What do you guys think about reading comics on your iPhone and iPad? What did you think about Night and Fog #1? I am eager to hear your feedback!

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