Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Drawing the line at $2.99. Heh. Clever.

So far, as of this year, DC has kept its promises on not raising their prices on their single issues. However, what we really wanted to know here at Studio-407 is this: does that really matter?

In the end, it is not only about our wallets, but also whether we believe that the price itself is enough to convince us to continue adding to our collection of single issues.

I have heard many complaining that why pay 3 or 4 bucks for something that they can just flip through in a few minutes and be done with it? They rather try to avoid spoilers online and wait until the trade paper back. Which is not only good for their wallets but also they won’t have to annoying (or eagerly, depends on that person) wait for an entire 30 days (granted no delays) just for the next story.

BUT, as soon as they say that, they end with: “ IF their stories were better, I wouldn’t mind. I would find some way every week to shell out 3 bucks for that particular issue. I can wait month after month, kinda like how a trailer amps us up for the movie.”

I thought about what they said and I find it very true. If one truly loves the characters and ESPECIALLY the way the story is written and plots are unfolded, we are more willing to buy those single issues.

Here at Studio-407, we believe heavily on plot and story. Yes, art is important, but people’s minds should be riveted when reading our original graphic novel. They should be able to leave wanting for more, or even, asking more of our titles to be single issues.

Here are some of our titles that came in both single issues and tradepaperback! 

What do you guys think about pricing on single issues? And nowadays, with our economy and just the sheer number of people who even collect single issues, SHOULD comics even be monthly titles? Or having a trade paperback is better?

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