Monday, December 15, 2008

Regarding Horror Anthologies and My Cannibal Boss.

Sorry about my absence last week. As it turns out, 407's Managing Director Alex doesn't want to be called Galactitron. He wants to be called Lord Galactitron. 

So, long story short, he went ballistic on me about the whole thing. Yeah, I could have cleaned his clock, but he's the guy who writes my paychecks, so I had to let him rough me up a little. As luck would have it, the morphine they gave me in post-op messed with my concentration and the wifi network at the hospital was terrible and blah, blah, blah...

The good news is that the doctors were able to save my leg, although it will probably stick out funny. Also, here's an interesting fun fact: your liver actually grows back, even if the majority of it has been eaten! 

The moral of this story is that if Lord Galactitron comes at you with a loaded stapler and he hasn't had his morning snack yet, run the other direction.

Speaking of eating body parts out of living people, I'd like to tell you about our new horror anthology coming out in January, Shadow Chronicles. It's a creepy little taste of the vampires, space zombies and ghost hunters you can expect to see hanging around the pages of Studio 407 in the future, including Night Projectionist by Robert Heske and Diego Yapura, Netherworld by Chad "Big Pencil" Jones and R.B. Silva and Demon Squad by Neil Marshal Stevens and Rafael Ortiz.

Odds are, you're too much of a mama's boy to enjoy stuff this scary, but if I'm wrong, check out the preview here. If you just can't wait until 2009 to pick up a copy, pre-order now at Heavy Ink. Tell 'em Edgar Fiend sent you. They won't give a rat's arse, but if you don't, I'm telling Lord Galactitron.

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chad Jones said...

No! Please don't tell Lord Galactiwhatsis!