Sunday, September 14, 2008

Featuring The Creature

Here's editor Chad Jones again, with some insight on the creature design for Hybrid...

It's fairly obvious that one of the first things you're going to need when you do a monster book like Hybrid is, well, the monster. And as we approached the creature design, it became a lot easier to describe the creature in terms of things we didn't want.

We didn't want it to look too fishy. We didn't want a crab monster. We didn't want tentacles. We didn't want a shark. Ultimately, we just didn't want the thing to look silly. We didn't want it to look like something that walked out of cartoon featuring four sleuthing kids and their Great Dane. 'Cause believe me, if you say to an artist, 'it's kind of a humanoid fish monster,' you're going to get some silly-looking drawings in response.

It's important for a monster to be just that. A monster. And I think after a few false starts with the creature design, we turned to concept artist Peter Lam and got on track with something that looked both natural and horrific. Something that looked dangerous. Something nasty. Something that looked like it would carve your average, every-day person into fillets.

The creature you've now seen. And we hope you like him, so to speak. And as a special treat, here's a peek at some of the early creature concepts. Enjoy.

—Chad Jones


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