Sunday, March 16, 2008

A Staff Pick In Previews!

Our first official* Studio 407 comic book, Night & Fog, is solicited in the current issue of Previews... and they made it a staff pick! We couldn't be more thrilled. In a beautiful quarter-page box on page 4, staffer Shelly says:

Okay, where is Night & Fog issue #2? I can't wait to read it! There is so much going on in this comic, and there are so many small stories building up into something huge, that I literally could not stop reading it! And then guess what? It wasn't over! I have to wait for
the next issue to have my questions answered! This book has left me in a state of frenzy because I yearn to read more about these characters and their predicaments!

Shelly later concludes her review with some of the kindest
words we could hope for:

Night & Fog is an excellent first offering by newcomers (to Previews, anyway) Studio 407. The writing is amazing, as is the artwork. Take a chance with someone new and give Night & Fog a try - you won't be sorry.

Well, as one of the writers on the book, all I can say is... Aw, shucks. Thanks, Shelly! I do hope readers take her advice and give the book a try. I'm blown away by Roberto Castro's artwork, and though I may be biased, I can't help but agree with Shelly that the book makes a damn good read. Read her whole review here.

*Tiger & Crane was published by Bluewater

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